The Miskolc Chamber Choirs Foundation

The Miskolc Chamber Choirs Foundation has been founded in 1989 by the union of 18 institution owing to the initiative of the Hassler Vocal Ensembe celebrating its 5th anniversary.

Our purpose is to liven up the operation of the choirs of Miskolc and its surrounding parts, the financial and moral support of the annual organizing of the festival, to establish a choir music demanding and appreciative audience, the promoting of the operating choruses in our town and county. According to our earlier hopes the festival has been joined up to the programmes with history of the profession, to the concerts, festivals of Pécs, Debrecen, Budapest.

Our advisory board primarily sees the guarantees of our movements in the education of music of the youth. The drastic decrease of the music lessons in schools, the negligence of classical music of the media because of the rearranging of the values, we think it is more important to preserve to develop and to create new introdutional oppurtunities to these microcommunities, to create new ensembles and to promote the possibility its curators professional developement. Fort he sake of it professional further trainings and introductional choir probes are hold to give the oppurtinity  for  the conductors and singing-teachers to meet with the best home and foreign representatives of the profession to give the chance to learn from their presentations.(Presentations have already been hold byValér Jobbágy, Éva Kollár, István Párkai, Éva Rozgonyi, Dénes Szabó, Miklós Szabó, Aurél Tillai, Andre Lamielle, Domenico Bartolucci, Gerald Kegelmann, Johannes Rahe, Michael Brewel, Muzaffer Arkan.)

On our Festival – taking the advantage of the beneficial, central lay of Miskolc - we have undertaken the invitation, patronizing of  Hungarian choirs being beyond the frontier, thus we give the chance to participate for introduction among 25-30 ensembes to Transylvanian, Upper-Hungarian and Sub-Carpathian ensembles every year. Since 1993 the Hungarian Radio has been joined to the festival as a director, and sice then the concerts of the festival have been transmitted.

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